Portents of Mother’s Gate

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Portents of Awakening: I

Portents I-XI predict events of AWAKENING: Book One

This portent comes to pass in sections called tatters. Prophesy tatter [I] is sequenced here, annotated with the date of fruition.

i. Lovynge Njyae Dynde II
2:3:4:1/11, 7:3:2 IX
V:I 1:2:4:4/5, III:IX
V:II 2:2:2:2/5, III:IX

The virgin nymph a builder born
Is from her destined studies torn
Delivered straight to distant land
And into this expectant hand

Her first true flight for freedom fails
The second falters, third prevails [I] V 1:2:4:4/5, III:IX
Then back into his grasp she sails
And on into his realm she wails [II]

When golem’s work is long since done
And daemon war is long since won
The gateway master seeks to save
And plunges she into the grave. [III]

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