Portents of Mother’s Gate

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Portents of Broken: IX

Portents I-XVII predict events of BROKEN: Book Two

ix. Swani Jyahrik Gusya VI
4:1:2:7/13, 6:1:2 IX
V 3:2:1:1/5, III:IX

Broken: By Sea

The prince from hall renowned
Departs the weary sage
Comrade forgoes for lurid sight
And surface trades for water mage
Whom timeless would impound

Bereft of coral stage
The timeless few invite
Advent of royal grace uncrowned
And dread incur with prince’s blight
To end a dying age

Awash in wisdom’s bite
The prince of laws unbound
Broken by sea in timeless cage
For wending voice and gateway drowned
In time becomes the light.

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