Portents of Mother’s Gate

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Portents of Broken: XIII

Portents I-XVII predict events of BROKEN: Book Two

xiii. Ansoh Njyae Dynde IV
L 2:2:2:5/5, III:IX
L 3:1:3:2/5, III:IX
D 3:2:2:1/5, III:IX
V 3:2:2:7/5, III:IX

Corrupted fate compels the voice
Beyond the sphere of prince’s choice
By sea to land where daemons roar
To find his woman over shore

Her life he takes, her love she leaves
Her land is lost and master grieves
While shadow all the land bereaves
And timeless all the land deceives

The prince awaiting voice and gate
With potion seeks to satiate
His yearning long to time implore
The truth embrace and false ignore.

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