Portents of Mother’s Gate

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Portents of Awakening: II

Portents I-XI predict events of AWAKENING: Book One

ii. Vyedik Ndeloh Dynde XX
4:2:3:6/9, 1:3:2 IX
V 1:3:4:1/5, III:IX

Awakening: From Broken Dreams

The hidden prince unveiled his plan
To take the darkened sky
But mountain met where time began
Awaiting flame to cry

With flame without the flame within
Did flee through snow and hate
To meet another shifting sin
And find A’lara’s mate

The bound with binder came to flee
The builder sent to wed
Adopting long mistaken key
When mages both lay dead

At last the stolen builder deems
Escape from master right
Awakening from broken dreams
To flee unto the sight

The dragon mage emboldened fled
The builder’s errant son
And master drank the growing dread
Of destiny begun.

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