Portents of Mother’s Gate

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Portents of Conceived: XIII

Portents I-XIII predict events of CONCEIVED: Book Three

This portent comes to pass in sections called tatters. Prophesy tatter [III] is sequenced here, though its exact date of fruition remains unknown.

xiii. Valyo Nkwnoh Dynde XV
2:2:1:3/10, 8:1:2 IX
V:I 3:2:4:7/10, 8:2:2 IX
V:II 2:2:2:2/5, III:IX

So came the girl to island warm
Where Dynde met her island form
And cast the net in gifted grace
For gifted girl with Mother’s face

She wises slow by ocean’s creed
The years she learns cannot succeed
The golden tongue is given sure
Though spoken out cannot endure [I]

For once she breathes the gifted word
Her death before due time ensured
The learned girl at ocean’s shore
To Hells and back through deathly roar

When all has turned to dust and grief
The screaming death comes truly brief
By master’s hand so banished there
To roam the master’s master’s fief

Yet Mother’s grace protects her soul
While vessel lingers hurt but whole [II]
Made keeper grim of howling gate
The darkness comes to pay her toll. [III] VA

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