Portents of Mother’s Gate

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Portents of Divine: III

Portents I-XIII predict events of DIVINE: Book Four

This portent comes to pass in sections called tatters. Prophesy tatter [II] is sequenced here, though its exact date of fruition remains unknown.

iii. Leiro Nvwnle Dynde XIV
1:2:1:6/5, III:IX

They gather lost and grieving sore
A fractured band that battle bore
Survivors who cannot prevail
Around a vacant pyre wail

Defeated thane by heartstring hanged
In living wake unto the fanged
By night divide and stronger grow
By day they bring the legend low

No shelter left they cannot breach
Nor hope their prowess cannot leach
In fire and blood their hungers sate
While master spins the threads of fate [I]

When none can slow the dark advance
The green enlists a second chance
At last unfettered servants fledge
To meet the dark horizon’s edge. [II] VA

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