Portents of Mother’s Gate

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Portents of Awakening: IV

Portents I-XI predict events of AWAKENING: Book One

iv. Valehyn Ryihdas Dynde VI
2:3:1:6/13, 2:1:2 IX
V 2:1:2:3/5, III:IX

Awakening: Astride The Rift

From darkness warped and witnessed hence
The builders rise beneath the fall
Of prince enthralled as fled he whence
The binder heard the master’s call

Awakening astride the rift
Of knowledge gained and lessons learned
The builder freed would freely gift
Unbridled bride and suitor spurned

They flame and bound and binder met
Who begged forsaken their consent
When evil stole away his debt
By darkness came and darkness went.

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