Portents of Mother’s Gate

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Portents of Divine: IX

Portents I-XIII predict events of DIVINE: Book Four

This portent comes to pass in sections called tatters. Prophesy tatter [II] is sequenced here, though its exact date of fruition remains unknown.

ix. Varyo Ngehsi Rovikya II
2:3:1:2/5, III:IX
V:I 3:1:3:5/5, III:IX

The gateway fallen takes the cave
Beneath accursed wind and wave
Where sundered long forgotten riles
Entrenched beyond the winding miles

The earthen king shakes off the cloak
Of barren soil and broken yoke
When long afflicted heeds the plea
Of danger’s tide across the sea [I]

Benevolent the sundered rise
To fight again for darkened skies
From ashes cold flames overdue
Spill blood for blood and old for new. [II] VA

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