Portents of Mother’s Gate

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Portents of Divine: XIII

Portents I-XIII predict events of DIVINE: Book Four

xiii. Nilwn Gyndoh Dynde XX
2:2:4:7/5, III:IX

Unearthing truth in timeless strands
The bleeding gate aware
Fulfills untiring fate’s demands
To harness Hells with seeping hands
Of innocent in prayer

Departed now for distant shore
Relinquished friendless rose
Imbues anew the land of yore
From whence emboldened darkness tore
To seed a tide of woes

When slain embarks for Mother’s womb
Displaced the vanquished quail
Amass for gate to reentomb
Their weary ranks and reassume
Their deaths to no avail

Triumphant rose in wake of peace
Redeemed with restless friend
Would dearest dreams at last release
For west and ancient battle cease
With days that have no end.

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The remaining “chapters” of this story are appendix entries explaining the finer points of prophesy:

Forward: A Note on the Uncommon Spelling of Prophesy

Appendix I: Jargon & Terminology
Appendix II: Dates & Accreditation
Appendix III: Tattering & Annotation
Appendix IV: The Prophetic Cycle & Interpretation
Appendix V: The Cultural Impact of Prophesy


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