Feelings into Poems

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Poem #2: There Are Things Worse Than Death

He’d always been there,

The man with the cart,

And even if he was no billionaire

At least he had a kind heart

I remember the first day I saw him

Handing out hot dogs on the street

And I stared at him because he was so slim

And his head was so high up above his feet

I was probably five

When we moved to that new city

And I was so happy to live

In a place so pretty

Every morning I would walk to school with my nanny

And the man would wave to me

But I found it uncanny

And a little bit off key

But the weeks passed and he still waved

Even if his kind gesture was never acknowledged

And I was curious at how he behaved

And my furtive looks seemed to make him encouraged

Then one day I decided to stop on the way to school

To ask him why he was being so friendly

He said ‘I guess I’m just a fool’

To which I responded ‘probably’

However his efforts seemed to pay off

Because suddenly I found myself waving back

And suddenly I wasn’t so tough

Even if my armor had been hard to crack

After that day I called him my friend

And he never stopped making me laugh

And he stuck by me ‘till the end

Even when my life was cut in half

And it was lying in that hospital bed

As I took my last breath

And he was shaking his head

That I realized there were things worse than death.

Because not every little girl

Has a man standing behind a cart

Who makes her smile and twirl

And who is so close to her heart.

And in the end

There are things worse than death,

Like not having a friend

So for that I thank you Seth.

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