Feelings into Poems

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Poem #3: I Made Auntie Proud

I walked around the corner

To see them smiling and talking.

I wondered why I felt like a foreigner

And I just kept on walking

It’s not like I hadn’t tried

To fit in with a crowd

But whenever I spoke they just sighed

Like I just wasn’t allowed

They didn’t even have the decency to ignore me

They had to put me on the spot

They had to see me flee

And make me feel like I’d been shot

But even when I left school

I realized there were worse things waiting at home

I had more worries than trying to be cool

Or brush my hair straight with a comb

Dad got a tumor

Auntie died

And those kids with their stupid humor

Made me red-eyed

When the lights went out at night

I realized I couldn’t sleep

I was so overcome by fright

I had fallen in too deep

But bit by bit my life got better

I got my high school diploma

There were no more tears on any of my sweaters

And I fell out of my coma

Then I went to college

And finally found a good crowd

I earned all kinds of knowledge

And I made Auntie proud

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