Feelings into Poems

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If I Should Have A Sibling

If I should have a sibling

On their way to middle school

I’d tell them not to worry

About having hundreds of friends and being cool

I’d make sure to tell them it’s a big change

But they don’t have to be afraid

Because even if the chairs get taller and the tables get bigger

There’s benefits in going up another grade

I’d tell them about the freedom you get

To roam the halls and explore the campus

There’s no wire fences in middle school

Adults trust you to stay

But even if you don’t see any fences around

Don’t be fooled, don’t trust your eyes

There are some pretty tall ones in your head

That can keep you from the road ahead

Sure, there’s more freedom

But with freedom comes responsibility

And with responsibility comes pressure

Everyone expects you to do better

I’d tell them that even when your grades seem low

And you start to lose the flow

There’s nothing in life that you can’t surpass

By working harder and wanting it bad

And the day when you realize where the fences are

You can look for a ladder to surpass those too

And when you finally climb to the top

I’ll be there at your side to enjoy the view

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