Portent: Telling Tolls

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Lazarus Cuff

One-legged canary clinging to the sting of a swinging perch.

The only thing left to hold onto. Wings fit for freedom but weighted by the price of it. Fix your stare. Eyes slide open & closed, lens to focus upon now familiar surroundings.

The screech of your song too long gone & now so close to the grind of your cage door. You see out & devout to your cause, you abide by your own law.

How often you saw them clip you & how often you gave of yourself.

Notice the song is still in your chest, the message is still carefully wrapped on your one leg left to hop upon.

So, open your wings & come forth.

Freely staying in solitary confinement. Confined to fly the open skies. Ask yourself why you stay. Then ask yourself why not fly?

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