Portent: Telling Tolls

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The Unwound

I have died so many times, I'm beginning to wonder if this is a dream or the Afterblessing.

If this is the exodus I'd best turn back before the gate slams behind us. I think there's been some mistake. Where is she? Where was she when I breathed my last?

Somewhere beyond me. There she is still. So still, I can see her calling but I can't hear her screams. Just as well. One less glimpse of unwinding hell. Wicked is a twisting sin & so am I.

Wicked. Wired. Well-suited for worship. I think there's been some mistake. Where is she? I know.

Far beyond me. Eternal star to search for. Eternity, I'm not following. Hand over hand, I'm dragging the fallen. Reflection cast into ice.

Hand over hand, I've fallen far beyond the scorched land.

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