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Here lies his future grave

A 3D space where there is nothing but air

He waited so many days until they turn into decades

he have seen stars change their trajectory

structures build, went down and got built again

he have seen bubbles turning into ice crystals

murals and glyphs lost and discovered again

He saw species evolve, adjust and mutilate

Genocides broke down and peasants decapitate

He saw pirate fleets and filthy bags of jutes

He saw sewer rats and Frenchmen with boots

Truths turn into myths as they determine destiny

Fates shaped as baits and brought down agony

People enforce people and think it was harmony

He lived for so many days

that he was named -‘The elder god’

He have seen carbon units turn into wax dolls

He saw banners wave in pride and sieged walls

He saw schools of tiny fishes

demolishing chains and mines underwater

He saw People selling balloons

and black and white mimes trying to stutter

He have seen prostitutes feeding decaying children

he have seen calendars end but written again

He saw dead whales turn into feeding grounds of enemies

He saw colliding pulsars in the cosmos

He saw people getting wise then getting clever

He saw Isles shatter while Cthulhu and tumatauenga fights

he saw men forgetting names of festivals

He have seen people love with rising empathy

he have seen people die as they fail to define time

He saw tents of warriors and temples of monks

He saw all of this but acted like he saw none

Maybe someone asked

How long will you keep living?

Hasnt it been enough miseries and salvations?

He replied - maybe. And he whispered

- let tomorrow be excellent. Because He is we.

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