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Deep philosophy and insight into one's life, feminism in all way.

Poetry / Other
Dr. Sarmistha Ray
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Our passion, dispassion, likelihood all are tied with a common string of interest.

Interest word is both funny and intricate.

Materialistic endeavours are all linked with common bridge of interest.

We are all aware but still there persists a hush,hush sound.

We all feel an air of reluctance to utter the word interest in relation.

But the tryst of destiny remains hidden in our denial.

A neonatal depends upon its guardian, a birth of interest.

Hush hush! parents depends on grown ups for their future,

A life partner depends on each as their support, a birth of interest.

Hush hush scared of admittance.

Guru opens up only to those who can glorify his name and fame

Shisha engrosses the knowledge for further better life, another nascent interest.

Hush hush sound nobody utters bcoz its divine.

Is their any relation which is devoid of interest?

A pure unconditioned, divine relation which doesn’t demand but give

Bodiless consciousness can only answer with affirmation.

But this flesh coat swayed away by glitz and glamour

Hunts for material comfort, so the birth of interest.

Let thy soul find thee interest less relation…Amen.

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