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The Boy called Bold

By Mason Garcia All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Poetry

The Boy called Bold

Long ago in the days of old

There was a certain story told

Of a boy that would try to break his mold

That his so called friends had been so cold

And then he’d be sure they would call him bold.

It’s quite true; this boy’s tale is odd,

He was bold enough to demand from a God.

“Show me the place!” the boy did cry.

“The place where all Gods go to die!”

The God respected his audacity,

But said, “You will not learn of this place from me.”

At this the boy was truly shocked,

“Why, I ask, are your words blocked?”

The God simply stared, he stared and smiled

At the idea behind this bold child

That stood before him with such intent

As to come to him and show contempt.

“Fine” said the God, “But you listen close.

The place you seek is not known to most.

Go to the North, find the God so wise.

She will reveal that place’s disguise.”

And so, to the North the boy did go.

To the place where the land was covered with snow.

“Where are you?” He yelled into the mist.

He could hear no answer as the wild wind hissed.

Then, out of the shroud came her face,

It seemed as if she were out of place.

He didn’t expect to see such a beauty,

But this wouldn’t stop him from doing his duty.

“Are you the God that can help me find

That place of Death for your kind?”

“Indeed, I am.” Spoke the fair God true.

“But this place is forbidden to the likes of you.”

Again the boy stood dumbfounded,

An echo of the God’s words had sounded

Forward and back, throughout his mind

That this place that he had sworn to find

Was out of reach to his outstretched hand.

But that rejection would not stop this young man.

“Will you tell me that place? Where Gods go to die.”

He stared her down, without blinking an eye.

“I admire your tenacity.

But you will get nothing from me.

I’ll tell you this, I like you boy,

Therefore I’ll give you some small joy.

We Gods will live for all of time,

Until we hear that slightest chime.

The chime that signals the end of life,

Then we shall wait where there is no strife.

That is all I’ll tell, make of it what you will.

But in that place, you are unwelcome still.”

“How do I find a place free of strife,

In this world where a child could carry a knife?”

The God was quick, and answered with haste,

“To ask me more would be a waste

Of both of our times, so I’ll let you know

That the West is the path that you should go.

Yes, yes that’s the way, now go to the West.

Of all of us Gods, my brother is best.

He surely knows of that place that you seek,

But I warn you, be cautious, to him you are weak.”

“Is your brother truly so strong?

Or could it be that you are wrong?”

Her face turned stern, she stood up tall.

“If you clash with him, you’ll surely fall.

His skills are quite legendary,

And when you meet him, you’d best be wary.”

With that, the God just disappeared,

And left the boy with a growing fear.

He stepped out from the mist, and into the light;

He decided it’d be best to avoid a fight.

Now here’s where our story starts to change,

The boy felt feelings he knew were strange.

He’d always been determined, that was clear,

But now he felt a deep seeded fear.

The trip to the West would take many days,

All the while he’d contemplate ways

To approach this God so fearsome and mighty.

He knew he could not take this God lightly.

Simply being bold would only get him so far,

To face this God, he’d have to raise the bar.

“You won’t get it boy.

What you want is out of reach.

I am the strongest.”

He heard the God’s booming voice.

“Now’s the time, I must make my choice.

To keep myself what I am right now,

Or to stand up to this God. But how?”

The boy could feel the power

That came from every side of this tall tower.

“My God.” The boy said in the smallest whisper,

“I didn’t know a force could be so sinister.

Am I so weak? Is my body so frail?”

Then from the tower came an earsplitting wail.

“This tower is mine!

Your kind is unwelcome here!

Do you wish for death?”

The boy had enough, he had to know.

“Do you know the place where all Gods go?

That only place that is free of strife,

Where your kind goes at the end of life.

The place where all Gods go to die,

When you choose to let light leave your eyes.

Please tell me now, I have to know!

Where is this place? So that I may go.”

“You are mistaken.

It is not a place for you

But I will tell you.

If that’s what you seek,

Then you must go to the East

There, the Seekers wait.

But I warn you now,

Yours is quite the foolish quest

To seek a Seeker.”

The boy was puzzled, “Are they stronger than you?

How can this be? It can’t be true.”

“The Seekers kill Gods,

That’s the way it has to be.

It has always been.”

“If that is the way that it must be,

Then I’ll gladly thank you for telling me.”

“I’ll say one last thing.

My sister will be waiting.

Don’t you dare die boy.”

The journey East would take much time

With large plains and tall mountains to climb.

All the while his naivety was fading,

“What did he mean by, ′my sister is waiting’?”

Now over the mountains, and cross the seas

The boy could feel a strengthening breeze.

The power came from a definite source,

And with that the boy knew he was right on course.

He came upon an enormous crater;

Here the power was even greater.

“Why are you here, little one?

Humans are not allowed here.

Don’t you know what you’ve just done?

Or is it that you have no fear?”

The voices seemed to come from all around,

Then he saw them, the Seekers, the source of the sound.

“Are you the Seekers? The slayers of Gods?”

“Indeed, we are. Now you may drop your facade.

We see right through you, don’t try to conceal it.

I know you. You’re the one who wants to find

The Gods’ death place. That’s right, I can feel it.

You seek to know how we could kill their kind.”

The boy was speechless, and frozen with fear.

“I wanted to know, and so I came here

To find the place where Gods go to die.

But now, it seems, the whole thing was a lie.

I heard they go to a place with no strife,

A place to go to end their life.

I want to know, is this that place?”

The Seeker studied the young boy’s face.

“Each God goes to their own sanctuary.

Then, send the call to one of the Seekers.

There is no set place, they all vary.

Then we go to them, and make them weaker.

Weaker and weaker until they must choose

To become a Seeker, or embrace their death.

By becoming a Seeker they’d have nothing to lose,

But most of them curse us, with their very last breath.”

The boy was surprised, but deep down he had known

That this place was not real and now he was shown

The truth by these things, that it was all just a lie.

There was no one place where Gods go to die.

“I guess that’s it then. I’ll be on my way.

It’s time I go home, have a good day.”

“Before you leave, I’ll have you know

That a woman is waiting for you,

In the North, the Goddess of snow.

And with that, I bid you adieu.”

With a smile on his face, he went back to the North.

“I know you’ve been waiting. I ask you come forth.”

And out of the mist she appeared as before.

The boy could feel something stir in his core.

“Did you find your answer my young friend?

Has your long search finally reached its end?”

The boy spoke no more; he wore only a smile,

“Yes, it has ended. And I think I’ll stay for a while.”

Her eyes opened wide, she too had a grin.

“Are you sure you can stay, here with me in

This land of cold, snow and ice?”

And the boy said, “I think that could be nice.”

Now we’ve come to the end of this story

Our boy did not find his sought out glory.

But he did receive a very special gift,

The love of a Goddess that would never shift.

In the snow and frost they will live together,

To stay with each other for now and forever.

Indeed, let no other truth be told.

This is the tale of the boy called Bold.

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