Her Demon Inside

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The Night Sky

This is a poem I made in 7th grade when I started to notice the symptoms I was feeling was anxiety. This poems tells the story of how I viewed the night as this precious gift from God to help me with my issues during the horrid day.

As I wander the rolling fields
And gaze up at the fading sky
I watch as the sun yields
And bids the world goodnight

To see a softer shade of light when all is still and at rest
To see a world when it is calm and at its very best
To get lost deep in thought
And forget all the things that you have fought

It gives you the gift of serenity
It fills your thoughts with clarity
And, sadly yes, all good things must have an end
But do not worry, I will be back again

For when I wander the rolling fields
And gaze up at fading sky
I will watch as the sun yields
And bid the world goodnight

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