Her Demon Inside

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In Vain

I wrote this after hearing about the nightclub shooting and it infuriated me with how cruel and horrible this world is. Please, Please at least make an attempt to be nice to everyone. Just a polite smile as you pass by someone on the streets or hold the door open for someone.

"Be the change you wish to see" ~Ghandi

50 dead, 50 injured
50 families crying for the empty chair at the dinner table
50 families crying for the son, uncle, nephew, grandson, brother that will never come home

1 gunman with no heart
No soul
Filled with hatred for those who are different
Filled with arrogant thoughts that those who were not like him
Deserved to die

1 girl sits at home
Watching the news
Horrified at what she hears
Angry at the world she lives in
Scared to be in a crowded place
Refusing to bring children into such a cruel world

1 gunman with no heart, 50 dead, 50 injured, millions of people who sit at home watching the news
Why must the world be such a harsh place
Why can’t everyone at least pretend to like each other
What is the point of this war we are fighting
What is the point of all the innocent lives taken from this Earth

Hundreds of thousands dead, hundreds of thousands injured
In Vain

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