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You Say You Have Been, Yet Have No Sympathy and You Continuously Tell Us to Just Be Happy

I have constantly been told by multiple people to “just be happy”. Like it’s some magical switch I can just flip and be forever. This is not how emotions work. It’s not how depression and anxiety work. There is no magical switch or “fix” if you will.

You can have everything, money, family, love, everything, and still be depressed and have anxiety. I have been told by people you have no reason to be depressed. You don’t need a reason to be depressed, because it’s a chemical imbalance in your brain that you have no control over. It’s also influenced by genetics and your environment.

If we all needed reasons to be depressed, postpartum depression wouldn’t make sense. The mother just had a baby, this should be the happiest moment of their life, except it’s not, because it’s an imbalance that happens in the brain.

Some people need pills, some people need therapy, sometimes it’s both. People should be ashamed to ask for help. Yet, people constantly are because they feel they need to have a reason, or there needs to be evidence of something else, something larger is wrong.

I have been told by people who have said they’ve been suicidal and depressed that I should just be happy. They literally have had no more sympathy even after experiencing these things and I don’t understand people who do that.

You went through it, it was horrible, why would not say someone else feeling that way regardless of their situation is invalid in feeling that way? What if someone said that to you about how you were feeling?

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