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I feel like the one thing that can help is writing! I love writing and reading.. It keeps my mind off things I shouldn't think or talk about. I honestly do care about if people like my stories, write reviews, or comment because it makes me a little happier! I bet there are people that understand. Also make sure to check out my bestie Michael Afton's books! He writes really good books and I bet you guys would like his ongoing books! Thanks! I hope you like my books and his books! Thanks guys!

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Can you feel my pain?

Thanks if you would read my books! I try to write a lot and sry if you don’t like my books but you should tell me what to write about and maybe you’d like it! Please either comment or write a review about what I should write about or what I can improve on! Thanks!

Can you feel my pain?

Can you feel the pain that I love.

The pain that I let hurt me.

The pain that I let

Can you feel my pain.

The pain I feel daily.

The pain that keeps me up at night.

The pain that has blood drip from my arms.

The pain that makes me hate myself.

The pain that makes my mom and dad yell at me.

The pain that makes me lie.

The pain that makes me hide.

The pain that scares me.

The pain that kills.

The pain that that makes me see things.

The pain that had my friends leave me.

The pain that had people bully me.

The pain that makes me a heartbreaker.

The pain that makes me emotionless.

The pain that hurts people.

The pain that comes and goes.

The pain that is the king in my head.

The pain that won’t let me take control anymore.

The pain that gives me the blade.

The pain that helps my dark side and not me.

The pain that my parents hate.

The pain that makes me hate.

The pain that makes me hurt.

The pain that makes me cry.

The pain that makes me scream out for help even though I know it’s never coming...

The pain that took over.

The pain that made everything hopeless.

The pain that made me worthless.

The pain that made me hopeless.

The pain that changed me for the worst.

Can you feel the pain that I love.

The pain that I let hurt me.

The pain that I let take control.

The pain that scares not only me.. but my friends, family, classmates.

The pain that doesn't go for too long.. Unless I let it.

I didn't mean to hurt myself but it knew. The pain knew I wasn't happy but now it is happy.

I watch the blood trickle down my arms, Woo hoo!

The worst part is that no one will ever know how or what I feel, everyday pain.

No one agrees with me, but I'm not completely sane. I'm weird,

Can you feel my pain?

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