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Why I Left

"Why I Left"




Disappointed in so many.

Disappointed in you, disappointed in me.

This is what you shall see.

The rest of your life.

My blood in the driveway

My tears as you watch me.

Leaving, pained, hurt and angry

Alone and scared

Please, don't make me go

Hurt and harmed

Abused and left gone

You ask why

You say I caused pain

You said there were other ways

No, this was the way

This is what you said to do

This is what you said

So this is what I did

There were tears

Pain was real

The relief was gone

I knew in a distant you would take me

Some did care

They could not help me

They could not speak for me

I had to speak for myself

I took it upon myself

I took my life

The wrong exit, I know

This is why I am gone

I was so scared to be alone

Scared of the darkness

Scared of the fog

Scared of the dawn

Alone with you

That is what I saw

There was nothing for me at all

This is why I left

That is why I'm gone.

To whom it may concern. <///3

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