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Don't Look in the Mirror

"Don't Look in the Mirror"

what is it?

what it is I see?

i look at this face

the blank stare

the empty eyes

the constant tears

the loss over the years

the pain that never ends

the hurt trying to mend

pain is constant

put those down

you don't need them

what do you see when you stare in that mirror

hate and disgust

pain and no happiness

anger and lost trust

this person you look at

who is it?

who are you angry at?

me... i said me... i am angry at me

that face staring back

why the hate

why the regret

why the lack of trust

why the wall

its not a wall

its a concrete barrier

keeping you away

keeping everyone at bay

keeping such a distant

there is no lock and key

just a smile to disguise the hate

who do you hate

me.... i said me...

look again, look in the mirror

what do you see?

i see nobody

i see heartache

i see an end

i see a beginning

i see a lack of me

where did you go?

i don't even know

do this

do that

eat this

eat that

get better

think positive

do better

but where the f*ck is everyone

there when not needed

there for the time

certainly not mine

how can you hate yourself so much

how can you despise the heart you have

look in the mirror again

what do you see?

a sad girl

a girl who didn't want to grow up

a girl who feels panic yet strength

a girl at one time who wanted to die

a girl who wants to live

a girl who is scared to live



no trust


do you see?

do you see that smile

that is coping

that is some hope

did you look in the mirror?

i did

what do you see

i see me

i see i need to love myself

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