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Dying Spirit

I feel like my spirit is dying.

Slowly, not meant to be here.

Some people are meant to live

they are gifted by God or whomever they believe in with children and families.

Amazing friends that are by their side just to talk.

The feeling or lack of empathy and no longer for humans.

every time the phone rings it’s not a hello. ...

It’s an, I need something.

There is nothing to offer except me.

In a lot of pain. Not much to gain.

It feels limited. Like limited time only on earth.

This spirit slowly fading.

So many people gone and death no longer has a feeling.

Love is also faded, gone and slightly jaded.

No one feels in love.

For a minute I felt it again and then with words it faded.

People don’t care anymore.

Everyone is about themselves.

People judge quicker than say hello.

They offer cruelty before a smile.

No nice words, just violent denial.

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