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The World At War

Maybe God should have been welcomes back.

Maybe a the endless killing should stop

Maybe a the ruthless terrorizing of animals is unjust

Maybe we are the animals.

We are war War with ourselves

War with the world War without prejudice

Dropping bombs on those who cry for help

Keep out the immigrants but who will build the shelves

Americans want $15 an hour Big houses, fancy cars, Maybachs and drop tops

Yes where is the empathy for the kids with no food

The kids in hospitals dying and in pain

Where is their bling Where is their iPhone?

Where is their reality TV show?

Priorities all wrong, worshiping people like Kanye, Kim K. Cash me outside girl.

Nobody cares about humans.

A black man has to worry about walking down a street.

A woman watches her child die as chemicals are released.

Gay rights, liberated, women marching!

Where were you all when the disabled could not even get a RAMP?

Where were you all when Dr King needed a voice?

Where were you all when women are degraded, called Ho’s and Bitches in music that makes no sense.

Where were you all when women needed help!

Help against domestic violence.

Help against a man who could get away with anything because of the prestige of a college?!

The world don't make no sense.

Everybody is off the meds.

The weed is taking the time away

The phones are telling you what to say.

Where have the people gone?

The humanity, the compassion, the passion of us all.

It jumped off a roof screaming hey Allah!

We see war on TV, some see it everyday

They live it, breathe it, feel and see it.

Kids with machine guns and AK-47's.

Kids watch the ones they love die everyday

America, America what do you know?

9/11 was horrible but the world sees it everyday

The money making machines don't care

As long as they get that dollar.

That money to make them smile.

Women are called whores and disappear everyday.

Where were you to march then?

Where was the pride then?

New generation, old generations... Makes no sense

Word to wise becomes old right quick.

Twerking and twitter, thats what life is about.

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