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Right To Breathe

“Right to Breathe”

Struggling, gasping for air. Looking to the sky. It does not seem so clear.

Sirens blaring, chaos ensues, tell me? Tell me, tell me what to do?

You just cannot seem to stay, so just go away

I love you more when you are gone, then being here.

My heart just beats, beats so fast, like a rhythm to a song

It stops once and a while. It goes slow, slow like a turtle

Make way, make way for me to move

Clear my lungs, I gasp and want to run

The city lights up as my shoes hit the ground

Feet to cement, feet to cement, running all around this insane town

I love you so much, I cannot breathe

This is my right…. My right to breathe

The crowd shuffles a long like zombies through a mall

What’s with this nonsense, a love enthralled?

That is you! Mr. I do NO wrong.

You take away my right… My right to breathe.

You walk around, no shame, breaking hearts, this is all a game

You walked in my life. I did not want you.

You tried and tried to take away my right, my right to breathe

I took my life back, now you gasp.

It is all in the end. No goodbye. It is over.

You are done times ten.

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