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Don't Be Down

“Don’t Be Down”

I’ve been let down, all the way to the ground

I feel I have seen a coffin that frowns.

Those tears stop going, till the end of time

But I continue knowing, knowing what you do.

You believe In you, I believe in me





You failed in the end

What do you want from me?

I’ve nothing more to give

Exhausted, exasperated and in love again

This tired romance fails to pretend

You make me so angry I wanna scream in the end

Scream in life, scream in bed, and scream in my head

Scream till I’m dead

Don’t look at me with those eyes

They don’t know me anymore

You looked at me and said don’t be down

I looked at you and said I’m in the ground

You buried me. Shovel in hand, flowers thrown. So that is life in my head.

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