Teen's thoughts: journey of a teen(self-help book)

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Being a teenager is really hard, you start feeling yourself changing and these changes impact your environment, you will be always in doubt and never know what are you looking for. In this book, as a teenager I'm going to talk about all these feelings and changes what we really think that nobody knows.

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I have loved, I have lost and I have learned

It's was difficult unfortunately, but have learned so much from it . I have learned that people can hurt you deeply and not even worry about the pain that they caused to you. I have learned that beautiful hearts can change when they are broken in a minute . Yeah, I have met the nicest people but met the worst as well. But the biggest fact that I have learned is that inside of everyone of us , there is a big strength that let things go. People come and go, this is life! The most important thing is to stand up and realize what do you really deserve is better than a person who makes you dream and let in the middle of the road. You deserve the best. Keep that in your mind
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