Unknown Tears

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To My Exes

To the one who loved me enough to let me go because he didn't want to be the reason why i lost my 'best friend'
To the one who left because he couldn't keep waiting for me to be ready.
The one who broke my heart with his silence because words weren't enough to make me understand
To the one whose heart i broke because i thought my heart belonged to another
The one who became a brother
To the one who made me feel like i was worthless and would never be good enough
To the one whose love i believed was real but fate wouldn't let it be
The only one i believed truly loved me
To the one who put me high up on the throne of second choices and gifted me the crown that made me queen of backup plans
To the one who made me believe i was in love until he put the game on pause so he could change the player
To the one who left with all my self esteem and the idea that love was real
To the one who made me believe in love again and could effortlessly make me happy.
To the one who had me thinking second time could be a charm but only caused me harm
The only one who has ever gotten a second chance

To all my exes🥂
Thank you

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