To the Repressed and the Broken

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This poetry and prose collection is for all those who have ever felt repressed, restricted to be themselves by any form of entity or, even, by their own selves. This is for all those who once, twice, or have ever felt broken and the courage it took to admit it and move forward. I hope this collection relates to you in your darkest moments and lead you out to rays of hope. Here's a sneak peek: "I just wanna tear you out, dispose of you. Never see you again. You tear-jerker." ---Untitled 1 "The piano playing and the singing at long last enters a halt, during the prayer I am not thankful. I ask: when? When will I be set free?" ---When? Some of the material may be sensitive to some readers; so, reader discretion is highly advised. I hope you enjoy them and if you do, please vote and share with others! I'll hopefully be uploading new material once a week. Thank you and happy reading!

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The piano begins to play,

And the joyful voices begin to sing.

The overwhelming sound drowns every thought,

It drags away the thoughts of me being content with who I am.

The sound of the piano playing and the voices of the spirited get louder.

My thoughts are now sinking into a murky lake of Biblical teachings.

My hopes of one day being the person I truly am are gone,

Those hopes are buried under that lake with guilt and fear.

The piano continues to play,

And the faithful individuals continue to praise.

I am left to wonder in silence of what could be,

And not of what will be.

The piano playing and the singing at long last enters a halt,

During the prayer I am not thankful.

I ask: when?

When will I be set free?

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