Dear Heartbreaker... (1)

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"But I'm bad with emotions... maybe cause my heart was made to be broken..." How's my life been? Heartbreak, Depression, Social anxiety, Insomnia, Anger, Pain, Suicidal thoughts... How do you think!? You broke my heart in the first place and left me to search for the remaining pieces. I'm empty. Alone. Sad. Angry. No words could describe how you broke me. These are my goodbye letters to you... If you're reading these... I'm already gone... Goodbye Heartbreaker.

Poetry / Drama
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1. The girl who you broke

Dear Heartbreaker...

I know you're contemplating throwing away these letters and I'm 100% sure you want to... But please don't. Read them.


That's the only thing I want to know...

How could you?

After so long...

Did you love me? Was it all a game to you?

I most probably meant nothing to you...

I can't believe you did this to me.

I loved you. And you broke me to pieces with what you did.

I hope you're happy now.

- The girl who you broke.
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