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‘The Stitching’

‘The Stitching’

The pain tears open the Stitching; Once again my tears fall down lethal as Acid Rain! The monotony of life, intent on the material…the sexual flings. For I am mate less; No God can calm me. No individual, but that of my King. I long to lye rested for Eternity by his side. I live in the knowing, that just maybe this is a possibility-A laying down Eternally by his side. Pen to Paper, I tear up this paper! I long for the times past, when life was much simpler, when love was purer. A need for the other that is irreplaceable. An unconditional nurturing, where a face can go faceless, and a body can go bodiless. Sex provides an escape! The one whom I am sleeping with is not Thy Enemy. I want a Non-Frivolous Union. I want a love that loves back, with no Postage Stamp of return. I want a love that I cannot live without. A love for whom the bells will toll! But, he does not exist for me. The Angels whisper sweet nothings for the Blessed Ones, whose hearts are not pining for a love. Pining for a life in Pictures, where wrongs are made right, happenings prelude reason, and when the dust settles, my Cowboy rides off into the Sunset without me. God, henceforth does not exist, so therefore, I do not.

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