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‘I’ll Find You on The Other Side’

‘I’ll Find You on The Other Side’

I’ll Find You on The Other Side…where age is not a factor, nor a hinderance. I’ll meet you on the other side where time moves ahead, without leaving its travelers behind. For time is, but a cruel mover pretending all is well in the land of ‘Make Believe’. Well, I don’t seek perfection, just a little luck; A Clam Shell, with the Pearl of an Oyster. I’ll find you on the other side, where what is meant to be, shall be. Where there is a healing in the being. Where the Dalai Lama isn’t being chased out from his home. And His People are no longer having to tolerate the unfair Political Practices being forced upon them! For it is in the asking, that the guessing decides. I shall wait here my love, until you come home to me, where you will find me two shades of a lighter pale. I am the intangible, lusting for a you. This is a journey which shall come to an end, at a side where its points are unlimited. I’ll find you on the other side, where doubt no longer lives. And where God is its ring bearer. I’ll Marry for love, and you’ll Marry for the understanding that I am your Truest Love; Giving me your undivided attention.

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