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‘Away in Translation’

‘Away in Translation’

Out of one’s mind; In Hell and the House of God. To take a bite out of the Apple…? Meditation through Yoga on the Dalai Lama’s lap. The Dalai, an Adam and Eve Burgundy Wine, and Myself a Rose’ Wine. And his birthmark goes to War! He retires with no definition in mind to being ‘The Maestro of Peace’. Metaphors are language. The Social Classes play with a Prophecy of Chemical Rudeness. There is an ugliness in Beauty’s Pubescence. And Beauty in the Transatlantic Maturity. Words unrefined; Sugar Sweet on a conscientious Mind, and hurting when not recognized up close and personal. Words are erased at a high price. Undifficult to memorize, when one is aware of its arrangements.

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