Dear Heartbreaker... (2)

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I read all your letters... How could you not tell me!? This changed everything. I can't believe you didn't tell me. You broke me. Twice. I'm never going to recover from this one. These are letters to you. I know you'll never read them. But they're not for you they're for me. To help me move on. To help me deal with the pain we caused. You caused. These are my way of saying goodbye to you. Goodbye Heartbreaker.

Poetry / Drama
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1. The boy who you broke

Dear Heartbreaker...

I can't believe you didn't tell me.

I can't believe you lied to me.

All those years we were together...

And for what?

For me to break your heart and you mine?

What was the point of it all!?


Do you even know what I feel right now!?

Like I want to die!

Like I want to slit my wrists and bleed to death!

Like I want to overdose on my sleeping pills!

Like I want to jump off a cliff!

You broke me!

And I'm NEVER going to recover this time!

- The boy who you broke.
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