Dear Heartbreaker... (2)

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10. The tired boy

Dear Heartbreaker...

I'm so tired these days.

You were always the one with sleeping problems,

but now it's me.

I had to start taking sleeping pills to help me sleep...

But it seems futile.

They barely work

and when they do

I dream of you.

Your beautiful smile.

Your beautiful face.

Your beautiful body.

So I don't take them.

Cause I can't think of you.

So I don't sleep... And thus I'm tired.

I can barely keep my eyes open at school

and I look like crap with big dark bags under my eyes.

But I can't sleep.

Because you're not there next to me.

You're not in my arms.

You're not there to cuddle up to.

I miss laying with my head on your chest as you ran your fingers through my hair.

I miss everything about you.

I miss you.


- The tired boy.
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