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Are you lacking confidence? Are you feeling like you can't come up with the situation? Do you feel like regretting life? Then don't feel that!! You know your way to lead your life! You are powerful! You are special! Life is just like a game that is never shut down. There are many up and downs in our life but, we should keep going on. We should never say to die. We should keep on working hard and hard. And try to light up the fire under someone. Some important rules that help us to live a good life are required to follow so that we can be a good person as a citizen of the community and this world. This is not the story but the collaboration of various poems sketched by me. This book includes poems on different topics related to life lessons, moral values and many more such things. I hope all of you will cherish reading this!

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Never feel low,
You can be slow.
Remember, great heroes,
Who once scored zeroes.
You are never late,
Still, there is a hidden gate.

Life is only yours,
No one else can cure.
Remember, life is an ongoing game,
With no aim.
There will be many ups and downs,
But this game will never shut down.

This life is like a mountain,
And you are the captain.
Remember, you will have to guide your team,
And take care that no one scream.
You will have to work hard,
And protect your prominence as a guard.

The one who denies to try,
Will only get the achievement when pigs will fly.
Remember fighting foot and nail,
Will only provide many opportunity’s mail.
Hard work is the key to success,
As the beads, are the beauty of the dress.

In life, you should never feel that you can't do anything and you are a slow learner or slower in progress than others. You should keep in mind those great heroes who once have fallen but didn't accepted their defeat. They kept on working hard. Remember you are never too late for achieving your goals. The hidden path is waiting for your arrival.
The precious chance of life is only yours. None of the others has the magic bullet which can make your life easier. That magic bullet is with only one person that is you. Life is like a game that is never shut down. Not every time it will find you a tip-top path. Sometimes it can select the rocky path or a plane path. It depends on you how will you handle the situation?
Life is like a mountain with bumpy paths. And you are the captain of the team. The team which is going to accomplish its dreams and can do whatever they need to and even can sacrifice their lives. And the captain that is you have to make sure that you don't get panic and be a coward to get rid of the challenges. You will have to keep on moving and working hard so that you can protect your prominence and your self-respect and the ground that you have achieved with your strength and determination.
The person who has gotten a yellow belly and deny to try because of facing challenges will never accomplish success in life. Just remember hard work is the key to success, and you will have to work fingers to the bone for acheving your goals

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