Walls Around Us

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Ready to combat!

Everything around me is dark,
Even the bark.
I am all alone and want to die,
But I shouldn't, I should try to fly.

I know I am depressed,
I am stressed,
But also I know what is right,
I should try to fight.

Depression is just a state of mind,
With which I don't have to be kind.
I will have to deal with it,
Or else it will hardly hit.

I am here between the sad world,
Everything around me is curled.
But I know I will bring it back into the colours of happiness,
Which will also reduce the number of people who think they are lifeless.

Now, I am ready to combat,
The evil villain will run as there is a dog in front of the cat.
I know, how to come out of that situation,
Because my mind is my creation.

I know how will I come back,
And how I will take back what I lack.
I will stand up on my feet,
And throw depression out of the seat.

I will win this fight,
And will take flight.
Flight to the gateway of success,
As I will be making progress.

Everything around me seems wretched. Even the bark of a dark brown tree. I feel forlorn and want to give up life. I know I am wrong, I will not let this become my failure and will try to fly out of the depression.

I feel depressed and pressured but I will come out of that soon. I will try to fight whatever the situation is. I know I am strong enough to do that and I will win over depression.

Depression is just a state of mind. I don't need to be kind to that. I will deal with that bravely or else I will have to remain in grief for a long time.

I am here stuck between the world which seems anguish. Everything around me seems like it is curled in misery but I know how will I bring back happiness which will reduce the number of those people who think they are lifeless and can't do anything in this world.

Now, I am ready to fight depression and I will surely win this fight. I know how I will come up with that situation because my mind is my creation. I am the king of my mind. My mind will think about what I want. So, it is just a piece of cake for me to sweep the board in the fight against me and the evil situation.

I will doubtlessly win this fight and after that, I will be able to step in the flight which will take me to the gateway of success. Once I can bounce back I will be able to move on the way to success.❤😁

I am gonna avenge over depression!!

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