Walls Around Us

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People says,
I am seated,
In many ways,
Am I?

People says,
You will be on the ground,
In the upcoming days,
Will I?

I am giving my best,
Tired telling these words,
Will I pass this test?
Will I?

I doubt myself,
I shouldn't,
I am proud of myself,
Should I?

Yes, I should,
I trust myself,
Which is as dark as the colour of wood,
Yes, I trust!

I'll stop doubting myself,
I know I am giving my best,
This courage will help me to climb up every shelf,
Yes, it will!

Do not underestimate your power! Don't feel that you can't do anything! You can touch the stars, climb up Everest, fly high in the sky and even become a billionaire in a second! You just need to trust yourself and your power with all your determination and try to give your best! People will say many things to demotivate you, to get you down from the high position but you just need to ignore them and just keep on moving! Always remember that haters gonna hate but you gonna keep moving!👍
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