Walls Around Us

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Important thing to learn!

Be independent,
Not every time you will get spoon-feeds,
To fulfil your needs,
You must not be dependent.

Learn self-standing,
The one who is independent,
Can tolerate life's every bent,
Don't pass this by just glancing.

This is life's important thing,
If the one whom you are dependent vanished,
It means your life is also finished,
So, don't pass this by just glancing.

Learn this lesson by your heart,
Because it is indispensable,
Without this you are incapable,
Incapable of doing any art.

Let's take this initiative from today,
As it is never too late,
To improve your mistake,
It is only present, never tomorrow, never yesterday.


Not every time you will have someone to (feed you) help you in the situation and give you all the required information that will require no further efforts. You must not be dependent on others to require any of the information or to fulfil all the needs yours.
Learn to stand on your own feet and be independent. The person who has learned to be independent can tolerate every challenge given by God.
This is life's important lesson. The one on whom you are dependent vanished, it means your life is also on the ledge of death (for eg. Like if you are dependent on your mother for every single thing like for picking up your clothes, serving you food etc. And one day your mother has to go out for some reason then surely your house gonna be in mess and you will not be able to do anything).
So, learn this lesson from the deepest core of your heart as this is one of the important lessons of your life. Without learning this you are incapable of doing anything. So, living life by depending on anyone else is impossible.
Let's try to improve ourselves from today as there is no tomorrow, no yesterday, it is only present.

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