Walls Around Us

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Never say to die,
From birth, the bird doesn't learn to fly.
It fails many time,
But the high spirits will surely shine.
The notion of not giving up,
Act as a remedy for a bird and takes it ahead of many steps.

Like from every baby step,
We learn to walk from depth.
Same for this wildlife,
We should not regret giving a chance to life.
First, try taking a small step,
This will create the way for your name to step into the world wide web.

Like ants never sleep,
They work hard till the nights are deep.
They don't keep their work to 12th hours,
Or never give up their spirits as you are.

Be like the ant who never say I can't cope with the situation,
And the result will be beyond your expectation.

you can run,
But can't hide

You should never say that you can't do anything. We all know that birds don't learn to fly from birth. It fails many times but still not accept defeat. The thinking of a bird to not give up, helps it to rise.
We all are familiar with the situation that, we learn to walk from the baby steps we take. So, let's not regret giving a chance to life and try taking baby steps. It will surely help you to get success in your life.
We all recognise ants, they never sleep and continues to work till the nights are deep. They don't keep their work for tomorrow. You should be like an ant who never says that it can't handle the situation. The outcome of being like an ant will be tremendous!!

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