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The special thing!

Smile-the thing which makes other smile,
The thing which you should not leave for a while.
It is not coerced,
It is not forced.
It is the thing which you should never take to an end,
And never make a face like it's a wet weekend.

It is not a commodity,
It is your property.
There is a 'mile' in the world smile,
It can help you to make space in other's heart a mile.
A big great smile is the symbol of strength and hope,
With this, you can have a sundry of scope.

A smile makes you feel better,
Regardless of what is the matter.
It is your spiritual health,
Maybe this is the result of a lot of wealth.
Smile is your life,
A smile will help you to survive.

Smile because you want to smile,
It is a different style.
Smile because you want success,
It will surely help you to make progress.
Smile because it suits you the most,
It should remain on your face like you are frost.

Keep smiling always!!

A smile is a thing that makes other smile. So, you should not leave it for a single second. Someone is not forcing by threatening you to do that. You should never take this to an end. You should never make a face like your weekend was not good.
It is not the good that is first bought and then sold. It is your property. The word smile has the word 'mile' in it. A single smile can help you to make space in other's heart. A smile is a symbol of strength and hope.
A smile can make you feel better whether you are sad. A smile is our spiritual health. So, if we are healthy, we will be wealthy. Smiling is in our life.
Smile because you want to smile. A smile can also help you to get success in your life and will create a path that will take you to the shining star. You should smile because it suits you the most. It should remain on your face as you are frozen in a photo.

Inspired from:- Mr Sunny Nagpal
Mr Sunny Nagpal is one of the great influencers of India. He takes lessons in the English language. He is one of my greatest inspiration!!

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