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New year, New hopes!

When earth completes its revolution,
We come up with a new resolution.
Yes! that is the occasion of the new year.

The new year has started,
Many new things have spotted.
Everyone is making a resolution,
To find evolution.

Resolution for achieving better in us,
Do you have guts?
Guts for making a resolution,
So that you can find evolution.

Many of us leave it undone,
But many of us keep the nose to grindstone.
Till they don’t achieve it,
They struggle for it.

We should make resolution simple and effective,
Which will make you more creative.
More creative by your mind,
Your resolution, you will find.

Resolution is not meant to be broken,
They are for earning better in us that is still not taken.
We should make resolutions, not as just a formality,
This should be taken according to your capability.


New year comes with new hopes, new spirits, new achievements, new challenges. When Earth completes its revolution we try to achieve better in ourselves. For that we make resolutions
New year have arrived and many new things have spotted like new hopes, new spirits, new challenges and a fresh start. To find betterment in ourselves we are making a resolution. (Resolution is a firm decision to do something or not, usually made on the new year as a new start to find new improvement)
Do you have guts? So that you can resolve and triumph over it without accepting defeat?. Resolution is made to find development in us.
Many of the people left it incomplete and accept their defeat. But some of the people struggle for it till they don't triumph over it. They keep on moving. We think that it is very hard to accomplish over it and unfortunately we think that resolution had wiped the floor and we accept our defeat but we should not. we should keep on working hard.
We should make our resolution simple but effective which will make you more creative by your mind and will make you a better person. Your resolution can only be found by one person that is you none of the others has this special ability.
The resolution is not for breaking. They are for achieving better in us which is still with you. Sometimes we make resolutions harder than our capability, just to demonstrate. We should make it not just a formality but for our development.

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