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Most valuable thing!

Time never stays,
It can be nimbly slipped away.
The value of time is inestimable,
It is most precious and valuable.

We should not squander it in any way,
Otherwise, the chance to rise can fly away.
The single second you waste,
Can be the signal to shut the gate.

Just a minute can make you moneyed,
And a second can lead the money to shed.
Time is not a game,
It is not a thing to tame.

Still, it's not late,
Still, you can open that closed gate.
Still, you can save your time,
Before you reach the deadline.

Time is always moving. It doesn't stay for any personage. It can easily slip away from your hands and you will not be able to grab it afterwards. You should complete your work at the right time. We should not waste time. You can not count the value of time as it is one of the most valuable things.

We should not waste it. We should try to complete our tasks in the given period or else we will have to step away from success. Even a single second is precious. If you waste it then the chance of rising can be weakened.

Just a minute can make you a billionaire. Just a second can make you poor. Time is not a game that you can pause at any time. It can't be stopped. You cannot tame it like a rabbit or a dog.

Still, it is not lat enough to improve your mistake. Still, you can complete that take which you have once left undone. Still, you can save time and complete your task at the right time.

Save time! Save future!

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