Walls Around Us

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Full of challenges!

Life a test,
Try to give your best.
Don't be frightened up to the death,
Try to solve it till you can breathe.
It is given by our almighty God,
So, it can involve anything including a sword.

Life is not a bed of flower,
You will face challenges every single hour.
You either accept them,
Or you either resist them.
But these challenges are what completes our life,
You know how you will survive.

The purpose to give you the chance to live,
Is to see how you will face every test and will survive.
Every test is a chance,
To know who you are and take in the glance.
Don't be a coward,
If you will be, you can't utter a single word.

There is a seed inside you,
Which is ready to grow and instead of you, no one else can do.
It is not piece of cake to grow it,
Because you will face difficulties a bit.
But at last, you will learn from those,
And here's how this life goes.

All the best for the challenge!!

Life is a test that is given by God. We should try to give our best. It is full of challenges but we should not be frightened and be coward, we should try to stand up and fight with those challenges.
Life is not easy, we will face many difficulties. We either accept them and meet them head-on or we either resist them and wish that they go away. But the challenges will not end at any movement. We will have to survive and face them ourselves.
The purpose of life is not just happiness and satisfaction, the purpose of life is to face those challenges and pass the test given by God. Every challenge is a chance for us to see who we are and what we are going to do. We should not be afraid of those small tests. We should face them.
We see that when we grow a seed it looks normal but when it faces every difficulty and takes the required amount of water, sunlight and oxygen it starts growing and forms a beautiful flower. We also have a seed sown inside us which grows into the person who we are going to be. When we face every challenge of our life and pass all the tests we start growing and forms a great personality. This is what life meant to be so, let's just face all those challenges head-on and forms a great personality. 😊

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