Walls Around Us

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To accomplish dreams!

The whole enchilada is within our reach,
We should try to accomplish our dreams as there is freedom of speech.
Life is under progression,
You just need to keep moving in the right direction.
If you see pie in the sky then just bring it to reality,
You already have that ability.

To acquire the goal,
You just need to put in your hard work as a whole.
It requires patience,
It requires persistence.
If you will win the uphill battle,
It means your life is also settle.

It is never too late to complete your dream,
Even if it requires you to swim against the stream.
There is nonentity like a failure,
It is just that you are discovering even faster.
If you have learned to keep faith in yourself,
It will open gates for you to climb up every shelf.

Remember, you can only achieve your dreams when you start believing in yourself!!


Every single situation or anything like our dreams can be achieved with no sweat. We should not give up our dreams and try to fulfil them. There is no one to judge you and you have the freedom to complete them by any means. Life is in progress so, it can be changed at any second. You just need to keep moving on in the right direction. If you had a daydream of your success then make that reality.

You will have to work hard, to attain your dream. You will require patience and will have to build staying power. You will have to gain a victory in the battle between you and the 'struggle'.

There is never a fixed time for you to complete your dreams, even if you are old enough then still you can triumph over them. Even if society is different in its thoughts still you can complete them and can achieve your goals. There is nothing like a failure in this world. Just always remember, you always learn from those blunders. To achieve your dreams you just need to believe in yourself and the gates for success will open automatically and you will climb up every shelf which will lead you to your dreams!!

We all have dreams in our life. There is nothing like a big or small dream all dreams are equally valuable!!

If you have a heartbeat, there's still a dream in you!

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