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Since i move to new city, where there's a lot of wealth and rich people, i feel like someone wouldn't like me. I moved to new city when i was on 4th grade. My mother try to apply me to the very expensive and international school, but they don't accept me. This story its tell about my elementary year, new city,new friends etc.

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Chapter 1

I was 9 years old when she kicked me out from the house. "Get out from the house i don't need you" said my mother.

I got no place to go, no place to sleep, no place to shelter from the rain. She throw all my clothes to the floor and I'm begging for her forgiveness but she didn't care.

I packed my clothes and left a bit of my clothes because the bag wasn't enough to put all the clothes. I walked down the stairs slowly, and when i get down to 1st floor i said goodbye to the maid.

When im about to leave, one of the maid, she looks older than the other come to me and said "Miss Sarah you can't leave stay here, and hide". I was surprised when she told to hide.
"Why i should hide, she want me to leave the house, she kicking me out".

"Because your different from the other daughter and son she have" said the maid. Then after i keep silent for a couple seconds i start to followed her instruction. I hide below the billiard table and wait for her signal.

She's hiding me because she feel sad about what happen to me. My mother kicked me out because the writing that i write on my school book said "I hate you mom". My brother Gerald show that writing to my mom and she's mad.

I write that because i feel ashamed, and hurt. Everyday since i was kindergarten i always hit with rattan which make a lot of bruises.
"Im not poop on there, thats because i play on slide" i said to my mom
"No thats definitely you poop there" with keep hitting me with rattan.

That pain becoming nightmare everyday.

"Miss Sarah are you okay there?" The maid whispering.
"I'm fine but i dont think i can handle here, its so hard to breath" i said.

"Then hide in the bathroom near the exit door" said the maid.
Then i agree, i followed her there and little bit fast walking.

I hear my mom footsteps near the bathroom.
"We split and find her, if you find her first call me" said my mother.
Deep down my heart felt like my mother dont want me to leave. She doesn't know that I'm hiding on the bathroom.

30 minutes later i hear the sound of the car, and i know she came back. She open the house door, and i can feel like she knows I'm stil at the house.

"Sarah where are you? I know you're here came out now!!!" Said my mom.
My heart race so fast, i felt scared, and i dont know what to do. She keep opening every door in the house and keep slamming every door she opened.

When she opened the bathroom door, I'm trying to hide right behind the back dooe where she will not now that I'm hiding there. After she opened the door, its true that she doesn't know I'm there.

But then a few minutes she's back and...

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