Blood Red and Black

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Gender Inequality

Let's talk about Gender Equality,
Like always forget the - Trans Gender.
Because we aim to minimise gap between male and female
But let third gender ruin in prostitution.

India worship dead stone for they represent Gods.
Hut Lord Aravna's brides.
But these Goddesses are thrown in prositution
Whilst the stones are adorned with garlands, gold and milk.

Life of a Hijra is not easy,
rejected by family and dejected by society.
People feel they are only capable of clapping,
But they are

But behind the tendrils of jewelleries lies

Why are pads and sanitary health focus on women, do only women have period?
Just like some gay community suppress bisexuality, even women are not supportive for trans people.

Can't a Chinnar have normalised life in 2020?
Is not rape against Chinnar is highlighted as it for women.
Does four inch of skin matter more than a four-chambered heart?

You know why?
Because we don't care.
Even if it is highlighted, do women are given justice let alone ask for a trans person.
Well because two minutes of sex valued more 24 hour of consideration.

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