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Most poems are so sad and serious, most people are so sad and serious, most days are so sad and serious. But why not speak of the things we love, and the things we wish could be better? Why not smile when things get rough because it’s fun to smile? This is a poem book, a book that is about Our World.

Poetry / Fantasy
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Hi, hello.
I’m very bad at speaking to new people and much worse at introductions but hello.

I’m the creator of FallingClouds. Well technically I’m not but why not put a name to everything?

Sorry if my words sound so jumbled up and confusing again, like I’ve said I’m very bad at speaking to new people, even though a electronic.

Can I call you reader? I call most of the readers of my books reader, because you are a reader, correct?

Here I go again getting off topic, this chapter of my poem book is just a suggestion before you start to read my book.

1) We respect pronouns here.... please do not judge anyone because of their pronouns

2) please do not bring up politics in any of my chapters, I do not care for who won the election and I do not care about the government. Please DO NOT speak of politics in my book.

3) if politics do somehow come up please respect other people’s opinion.

4) this is a judge free zone. Please don’t judge other people because of their beliefs of some sort.

5) these poems are all created by me so please do not steal my poems unless you make sure that my username is in it.

6) these poems are full of creative things that I think about, please don’t judge me.

7) this poem book is created by a 13 year old, do not be surprised if this isn’t as mature as you expected.

8) for your best reading experience I’d suggest putting on some calm music of some sort. Maybe you like pianos or if you like lofi. Just some calm music.

Please respect other people’s opinions and that’s all for this part of the book.
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