An Inventory Of Being Me

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An Inventory Of Being Me.

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An Inventory Of being

I am Morgan

I am twelve years old.

I am a student and a dancer.

A girl, ready to be a woman.

I have never been that tall.

I have blue eyes filled with wonder

And luscious strawberry blonde hair

That gets in them.

Sometimes I wear it in a bun and I am Misty Copeland or Briar Nolet

Or in pigtails, as I sit at the swingset

Or just let it hang,

And feel it in the wind

I am a student, and a lady, and a child;

Almost a woman, but always a girl.

I love pasta and ice cream cones

I am older than Sadie,

Younger than Kailey;

I love the smell of freshly baked cookies and salty ocean air.

I drink hot cocoa with marshmallows and ice with my juice.

Sunlight is happy but dark skies are depressing.

I’m afraid of spiders.

I like running through the rain as the droplets soak my clothes.

I work best under pressure.

I like polka dots and hugs, but

I hate oranges and insects.

I like small rooms filled with quiet, laughter and

Warm blankets, because I like to sit on the floor.

I like seahorses, fiction novels and the color yellow.

I believe in happy endings and that good always wins

my children will be loved,

Because my heart is filled with it.

I love traveling

I like touch better than words,

And hugs more than kisses.

But someday I want a forever home,

Great love and...


But not just yet.

Someday I want two girls and one boy –

But they’ll have to wait.

Because I want to be a person first.

Subject to change.

I believe that women are powerful and no man can change that.

Sara Sheperd and Kiera Cass are my idols.

I’d like to write books like them.

I’m a good person

I want to see the world.

I’m crazy about writing, friendship, pasta, and dance.

I hate being woken up unless it’s for a reason.

I love oversized hoodies, warm socks, tap shoes, and driving with the windows down.

I make funny jokes and tell my family all of them.

I am in love with my cozy bed, Australian shepherds, and paintings.

I read fiction and fantasy.

I love owls and rain and bean bag chairs

And good music and paint samples, even if I don’t paint.

And I don’t like earrings or fish or tomatoes and

I adore movies.

I love fireplaces with real fires, rainbows after storms, and taking pictures.

I like strawberry milkshakes and waffle cones.

I like walks on the beach, but fish give me the creeps and

I daydream all the time.

I love to get dressed up, but I don’t go anywhere.

I hate alarm clocks and the way they disturb me. But without them, I’d be late.

I’d rather walk than ride. But my legs won’t sustain a walk to Toronto.

I’m honest to myself and the people around me, and I’m

Inclined to the truth.

I am excited to live and be a person, but before I am grown I want to do so many things.

I sleep too much, sometimes, and talk too much, often, and

Wish I could laugh too much, always.

If the world were a stage I’d feel always-on display.

I’m a loner, but I love being lonely.

I’m an optimist, except when I’m scared.

I have insane nightmares and wild daydreams

And I couldn’t live without either.

I spend too much time worrying but I also spend too much time procrastinating.

I think too fast.

I hate chaos, but I love crowds.

I love smiling, but the world is sometimes too sad.

I’ve always wanted to be the second woman prime minister, an author, an entrepreneur,

Or an anesthesiologist,

But I’m allergic to anesthesia.

I don’t want anyone to understand me,

But people think they do, and

They’re wrong because I’m so much more than what I appear to be.

If I were rich the first place I’d go would be Europe.

The second would be Fiji.

And the third would be South America.

I need someone to need me, because then I need them, too.

I am a dream but I appear to be a nightmare.

I have so many layers of who I am.

Not many have seen them but I’d love to share.

I never want to go into space, but I’d love to live in a rocket.

I’ve always felt that people were extremely complicated.

I will always be funny.

But my jokes aren’t always good though you are inclined to laugh

I feel the world with every part of my being.

I either trust you with my life or completely shut you out.

I like people with strong opinions and good hearts.

And I hate to lose but I love an impossible fight.

I believe that odds don’t define us and neither does our past.

I may be small but don’t underestimate me, my heart is big and my brain is even bigger.

I’d say nothing scares me but many things do.

I love to see the sunrise but hate to get up in the morning.

I want to know everything but no matter what you can always learn more.

And I’m a social butterfly.

My name is Morgan, and this is 2020.

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